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Your Treatment - What to Expect
We Welcome You - When you call to schedule, our staff will find a convenient time for you and will offer to take your insurance information so we may provide you your expected benefits the day you arrive. Please feel free to ask questions you might have. Upon arrival, you will complete a few forms and then be given a tour of the office. The doctor will be with you shortly after your arrival.

We Listen - Taking the time to become familiar with your medical history and health concerns is the key to making sure you get the best treatment possible.

Professional Care - Our chiropractic examination is performed fully clothed and tests joint, muscle, and nerve function. Using X-ray and computerized postural analysis, we identify problems that can lead to pain now and unhealthy aging later.

Personalized Plan for Care - Though we often see similar issues, such as forward head posture with associated neck and shoulder fatigue and headaches, every patient in our office has a unique care plan designed specifically to address their needs. After your initial exam, the doctor will take the time to explain your problems and describe options to treat them.

State of the Art Treatment - We utilize many techniques; including chiropractic adjustments, exercise, traction, massage therapy, work station modification, and a lot of education to ensure you benefit maximally from your treatments with us.

We Care - We are always on call to answer your questions and provide advice on the prevention of future problems. We offer emergency care to our clients and their families at any time.
Your Team
Dr. Ante “Tony” Banic grew up in Seward, AK, the first of his family born in the United States. After high school, he moved to Seattle to pursue his Bachelor of Science in Biology from Seattle University. After graduation, he worked for the Dynacare Laboratory at Swedish Hospital and then moved on to a private lab in Redmond, where he created novel probiotic formulas for preventative health in humans and animals. As he developed a true understanding of the power of preventative health, he knew that becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic would allow him to impact even more lives. He graduated Palmer College of Chiropractic with honors, and his passion for Chiropractic propelled him to further certifications and honors in specialized chiropractic techniques, Pettibon and Clinical BioMechanics of Posture. With a gorgeous little redhead and a growing son, he doesn’t have a spare moment. He enjoys Y-Guides and, soon, Y-Princesses, mountain biking and skiing with his kids, and spending time with extended family.

Dr. Leslie Banic grew up in Eastern Washington and graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Microbiology from Northern Arizona University. Strangely, her work brought her first, to Dynacare Laboratory at Swedish Hospital (where she replaced the recently promoted Tony Banic), and then to the private laboratory in Redmond (where she again replaced Tony Banic after he received a promotion). Needless to say, they shared a similar passion for preventative health care and attended Palmer College of Chiropractic together. Dr. Banic graduated with honors, studying Chiropractic specialties based in structural spinal rehabilitation as the ultimate in preventative care and anti-aging for the body. After working together, attending school together, and in 2003 starting and growing their clinic together, Leslie now works from the home while raising their two small children. She loves learning, reading, studying research and taking classes every chance she gets. She also enjoys spending time with her many relatives in the area.